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Bangles are always in inn Fashion with different styles, loved by females

Fashion PakistanBangles are a traditional piece of Jewellery carry by women all over the world. Bangles are not only popular in eastern, but are also popular in western countries.

Glass Bangles / Eid Bangles
In countries like Pakistan and india , females like to wear glass bangles special on some special occasions such as festival like Eid females are very excited to have bangle and they love to buy on Chand raat(one night before Eid). They like to have matching bangles with their dresses. In Pakistan people launch little stalls for selling bangles.

During eid days , some bangle lover can buy so much beautiful bangles to store in her collection.
Matching bangles enhance beauty of dresses designs by Designers Inn Fashion Pakistan.
Gold Bangles
Normally gold bangles are used by married woman. In countries like Pakistan and India this is showed the symptom of married girl. In gold bangles there are many designs and styles. Some special work on bangles are very popular such as meena kaari, sprinkling and shimmering white stones, ruby stones, different colors stones white gold , antique finish.

Posted by Admin on Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:13 am (Read More... | 4 comments | Fashion Articles | Score: 0)
Now Womens Winter Boots Can Also Be Stylish

Winter is approaching. You must be preparing high to buy the different winter stuffs so that you can remain protected from the harsh cold. However, with the arrival of the winters you might think of compromising with your style because there was a concept that winter season is not meant for exposing style. However, this concept has become extremely old now and so you can also try looking smart and stylish in the winters.

The importance of good boots during the winters cannot be denied at any cost. Your feet require maximum protection during this time and boots are the only option by means of which you can remain warm and comfortable. But how would you get style when you are looking for comfort? Well, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about this concept because now the Women winter boots are available which can keep you both comfortable and make you look stylish.

There are many brands today that produce winter boots for women. However, when you have to buy these boots, make sure that you purchase a good brand of boots so that you can utilise the benefits offered by it. If you purchase Women' s winter boots from a good and a reputed brand, you can surely expect to get few of these following things:

Posted by Admin on Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:30 am (Read More... | 2 comments | Fashion Articles | Score: 0)
Bashir Ahmed Lawn 2012

Bashir Ahmed Lawn 2012 has many stylish and fashionable summer prints for girls during this summer. All cool and soothing summer colors are a essential part of Bashir Ahmed premium lawn 2012.

Not only lawn fabrics are used but also swiss voile and embroidered fabrics are also included. Mostly medium to full length shirts, frocks with churidar pajama designs are added in Bashir Ahmed textiles summer 2012 collection.

Lets wait no more and have a look at classy and sophisticated summer lawn and chiffon dresses of Bashir Ahmed.

Bashir Ahmed Textiles is not a new name in textile industries of Pakistan. Since their beginning they are striving for high quality fabrics and to produce exquisite and superior products for its customer.

Posted by Admin on Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:42 am (comments? | Fashion Articles | Score: 0)
Jewellery Gift Ideas

Jewellery makes an ideal gift idea for many occasions, from wedding anniversaries to birthdays, or simply just to spoil a loved one. One option to consider is the buying of a three stone ring, an item of jewellery which is both attractive and symbolic.

Trinity Rings: What is a Three Stone Ring?

Three stone rings are an item of jewellery which are designed to have a symbolic meaning as well as aesthetic value. A three stone ring usual consists of three stones set onto a simple mount, each of which has a symbolic meaning. The first stone represents the past, the central stone the present and the third stone the future. As such, the whole piece represents the entire spectrum of time and longevity between the giver and receiver of the item.

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules and what makes a three stone ring beyond the trinity concept. The most popular form of three stone ring is the simple three stone diamond ring. In addition, many three stone rings use a format with a larger central stone, which is flanked by two smaller stones, one on each side.

Posted by Admin on Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:23 pm (Read More... | 4 comments | Fashion Articles | Score: 5)
Tips for Making Antique Jewelry Last Longer

While there are fashion jewelry, sterlng silver jewelry and cubic zirconia jewelry, the most priceless kinds are those that have been in the possession of our families for years.

Antique jewelry are heirlooms that have been passed.

n from one generation to the next. These are living witnesses to what families have undergone over the years. Here are some ways to care for your antique jewelry:

  • Know what it is made of. Jewelry can be made from silver, gold, chrome, brass, stainless steel, bronze, and copper, and have pearls or other gemstones.
  • Antique Jewelrysterling silver, Swarovski crystals, or cubic zirconia jewelry worn on a daily basis should be cleaned weekly. Pendants, bangles, rings or other jewelry worn only on special occasions should be cleaned as soon as you've removed them. The frequency of when you wear your jewelry should determine how often you should clean it.
  • Don't use cleaner that has damaging ammonia, vinegar, or any other acids or alcohols. This could corrode or damage your jewelry.
  • Avoid using soap and water when cleaning your Antique Jewelry. These could leave residues that stain or dull jewelry dull.

  • Posted by Admin on Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:47 am (Read More... | Fashion Articles | Score: 0)
White Anarkali dress with red color formal embroidry
Neha in floral dress White Anarkali dress with red color formal embroidry, This dress is designed by Ahmed Bilal.

Neha is looking very smart n slim in this elegant formal outfit.

The hairstyle is very trendy and suitable for bridals
Click Here to view More Neha Formal Dresses Pictures
Posted by Admin on Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:26 am (Read More... | Fashion Articles | Score: 4)
Women Fashion Accessories for Spring 2010

Women with high standards in fashion would never be satisfied with only fashionable clothes! What completes your clothes and make you fashionable are your accessories.

Don't think only jewelry- your handbags, bow tie, scarves, watches, pins, belts, sunglasses, stockings, necktiex, leg warmers, leggings, suspenders and tights are also some accessories that makes you attractive and fashionable!

Using some fashion accessories with your clothes shows your  rich style!
They add color, detail and energy to your outfit.

Posted by Admin on Thu May 06, 2010 11:26 am (Read More... | Fashion Articles | Score: 0)
SUNGLASSES for summer 2010

Getting a pair of sunglasses shouldn't be easy. Because wrong choices may affect our health. Choosing sunglasses is a vital decision. Our eyes are very sensitive and affected by the sun. So, the people who want to buy a pair of sunglasses should be very careful. You should buy high protective sunglasses.

Sunglasses also indicate personal choice and character. Everyone wants to be good-looking person. So everyone wants to buy sunglasses which suit to their style. I think the sunglasses you buy should be both healthy for eyes and suitable to your life style.

In Summer 2010, you will see more stylish sunglasses. Oakley Women's Compulsive Squared, Christian Dior CD Dorita 1 Burgundy, Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal and Giorgio Armani 041 Pearl/Pink models are most hottest sunglasses.

Posted by Admin on Thu May 06, 2010 11:13 am (Read More... | Fashion Articles | Score: 0)
DENIM FASHION:Spring-summer 2010 fashion

Spring-summer 2010 fashion shows were fulfilled under the slogan ''militarism and madness '' and customized denim fashion exhibited these inclinations, too. The most fashionable jeans of the spring-summer 2010 are torn, skinny, of dirty khaki, gray, blue or black colors.

All of them are combined with long sweaters or tops in army style. The season's other trends are from the 90's. They have really a sexy look.

Dyed jeans are still hot, this spring lots of them come in skinny, straight, torn, short and long norms. Custom jeans are other reminders of the 1990s' fashion. They look grunge as if they have been worn for several years. Boyfriend jeans are still popular as well. For instance, such jeans can be found in the latest collections of Ralph Lauren, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace or Getwear. The latter fashion house demonstrated its variation of boyfriend jeans. They are wide on the thighs and tight on the ankles. Unique brand exhibited boyfriend style grunge jeans fitting women's figure, on the other hand they are very relaxed and extremely tattered, too.

Posted by Admin on Thu May 06, 2010 11:10 am (Read More... | Fashion Articles | Score: 0)
The top 5 Summer 2010 Colors

1. Turquoise - Pantone announced Turquoise as the color of the year for 2010. Summer evokes feelings of calm ocean waters and tranquil beach vacations in cool, tropical Turquoise. We believe it's a great color. So you can choose Turquoise while you do shopping for summer. You can also combine the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green.

2. Purple - Purple is an exotic color and our second choice for summer 2010. It's imbuing a bit of magic and vibrancy to the summer season.

3. Yellow - Yellow is indispensable color of summer. Yellow is sunshine. It is a warm color that denotes happiness and joy.

4. Red - Red is hot is a strong color that evokes emotions of passionate love. You can use it to grab attention and to get people to take action.

Posted by Admin on Thu May 06, 2010 10:55 am (Read More... | Fashion Articles | Score: 0)

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