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Matching Formal/Casua/Fancyl Shoes : must have in your collection

Fashion PakistanMatching formal shoes: must have in your collection

Matching fancy shoes are very important to enhance your style with formal dresses. That shows your fashion sense.

Every women wish to be look pretty on some occasions such as wedding ceremonies. They invest a lot of effort in sense of time as well as money to achieve most stylish and assorted look during some formal party.

If you have some specific shoes in your collection then you can easily achieve beautiful look, you have to increase of your sense to select which shoes should suit with some particular dress

Black Fancy Shoes If you have black fancy, normally that can be used with any kind of color. Real thing is heal that how much heal that shoe has.

With chori dar pajamas some black fancy chappal style shoe will look good instead of high heal shoe.

High Heal shoe can look beautiful with trouser style dress along with long shirts/gown/frock.

Posted by Admin on Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:56 am (Read More... | 4 comments | Fashion Tips | Score: 0)
Snow white color Pakistani Formal and Casual Dresses Ideas

Fashion PakistanSnow white color will always help you out to be looked graceful as well as it takes a part to give you elegance look. In summer season normally dark colors not feel good to the eyes. All famous fabric/lawn brands launch their white color prints addition to some other color.White color is always Inn in Fashion Pakistan

Combinations with white White and black combination is always inn in fashion, some other ever green prints are polka dots , zebra print , chitta print. Some fabulous combinations are white with red, white with farozi , white with pink , white with royal blue.

Casual Dressing ideas with white base White shalwar kameez with some multicolor lace , dupata should have multicolor with some tie die dying style. This style gives girly look to females.

Bridal Dresses In western countries, girls wear white wedding frocks with different styles. In gulf countries, Bridal wears are white color, but here in east girls prefer to wear red wedding dresses. This trend is changing day by day. One well known white/offwhite color combination is with red color and become hit for wedding outfits. If any bride selects this combination then she should select silver bridal jewelry with dress, that jewelry can be white gold, silver jewelry or can be gold jewelry with white pearls. All depend upon choice and selection.

Posted by Admin on Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:24 am (Read More... | 5 comments | Fashion Tips | Score: 0)
Suitable Sunglasses Frame For Your Face Shape

The shape of the sunglasses should go well with the shape of your face.
Square face shapes
Square face shapes go best with oval or round frames.
Oval face shapes
Oval face shapes go well with just about any frames.
Oblong face shapes
Oblong face shapes go well with broad glasses and round face shapes go well with rectangular frames.
The right frame shape can result in your face looking thinner so you can really look great with your glasses on!

Heart Shapes Glass Frames
There are also some really fun heart shapes available and even some glasses with frames that fold down. It's really your choice with which shape you end up with. Just remember that fun styles don't last forever, so you might not want to spend a lot of money on them if you're on a budget.

Posted by Admin on Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:39 am (Read More... | 4 comments | Fashion Tips | Score: 0)
White and Black Combination is a Decent Style during Summer : Generation 2012

Black and white combination is always Inn in summer season. Normally in winter season black color use as a base and white color use for print but in summer time White color has used as base color and black use for designing .

This depends upon designer creativity that he uses black within print, embroidery or some lace or add some fabric in shape of panels.

In following Picture this dress has designed by Famous Pakistani Clothing Line Generation Who offers exclusive outfits for women of all age . They use this outfits in their advertisement for Generation Summer Collection for 2012.

Tip White color dresses always famous in females but to wear white color needs to be an intelligently designed dress and if you really want to wear white color so you should prefer to have some designer dress because that will add a decency in your personality.

Posted by Admin on Tue May 29, 2012 5:08 pm (Read More... | 1 comment | Fashion Tips | Score: 0)
10 Fashion Rules for Wearing Denim in winter 2011

Jeans have survived generation after generation of come-and-go fashion fads, yet stand firm as an essential wardrobe staple.

The key to looking good in denim is about understanding your body shape to find the perfect fit.

Don't be a slave to fashion, and know how to accessorize jeans with pieces that compliment your look, rather than cheapen it.

Rule 1 - The Perfect Fit

  • Ill-fitting jeans do nothing for your style or your silhouette. Finding the right pair is not so much about fashion, but more about style. Concern yourself with finding the correct shape for your body type rather than keeping up with the latest trend. Seek advice from a store's personal shopper usually the service is free. Alternatively go to your favorite specialist jeans store and ask for help. These sales consultants know their stock well and have a good idea about each brand's styles and fits.

Posted by Admin on Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:20 am (Read More... | 5 comments | Fashion Tips | Score: 0)
Select Your Earrings Matching with Your Face Shape

Earrings make any woman look more charming and attractive. There are appropriate types for every occasion and any woman.

Due to the fact they are close to the face, earrings must compliment one's face shape.

There are also several basic styles that can be worn from day to evening and are appropriate for a variety of clothing options and occasions.

How to choose earrings?

You should identify your face shape first to decide what style of earrings will compliment your face best. Consider what will enhance your good features. Take into consideration the cut and color of your hair, your skin tone, your body size and clothes you're wearing.

Posted by Admin on Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:27 pm (Read More... | 9 comments | Fashion Tips | Score: 0)
Clutches : Survey about HandBags and Women's Confidence

Woman falls in love with a handbag in early childhood when she sees it for the first time in her life, in her mother's closet, for instance. And this love is ongoing, it never stops and only increases with time.

The interesting fact is that every woman usually sticks to a certain type of bags and just occasionally indulges herself with a piece that's absolutely different from all other items in her collection.

Experts have done a survey on this question and revealed that it's all about woman's individual character traits that determine the style of bags she prefers.

So, according to the survey:

If woman prefers clutches (not only for special occasions but daily wear as well) she is most likely to be a confident, self-assured person who likes to feel independent and believes she can do everything on her own.

Posted by Admin on Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:40 pm (Read More... | 5 comments | Fashion Tips | Score: 0)
You can Flatter Your Body Shape By Choosing HandBag Wisely

Bag is the accessory that adds fnishing touches to your look. It can make your outfit or completely break it. So be careful when choosing your next handbag as your goal is to accentuate your best areas while hiding the problem ones.

Bust. Women with big breasts and heavy shoulders should avoid bags with short handles as these usually finish right around the bust area. Choosing bags with longer handles you will distract attention from your bust and shoulders.

In case your aim is to boost the breast area visually short-handled bags or clutches will be perfect.

Waist and hips. Wide waist, large stomach and big hips can look less noticeable if you wear bags that finish right under your arm. Stay away from bags that go down to your midriff or hips, this will attract attention to your bulges. Big totes will look unflattering as well as bags with big funky details.

If you are lucky to have a slim waist, bag with handles of an average length will be a good option as well as a clutch. Modern clutch can be either tiny for evenings out or middle-sized to be roomy enough for all those items you always need to have with you.

Posted by Admin on Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:19 pm (comments? | Fashion Tips | Score: 0)
Choose some Stylish Winter Shawl and become Trendy Girl for 2011 Winter Season

Shawls are liked by every woman as that give them warmness in the winter season. In Asian countries, Aged ladies like long and bigger size of shawl as they want to cover their self fully.
Mostly Kashmir Embroidery Winter Shawls use to gift mothers, aunts. These are in many colors and variety. This one is an expensive item as these made by hand so this is a gift item.

Pashmina is also a famous fabric name for shawls. These one is very warm stuff. In winter season if u do not want to wear a sweater as sweater hide your dress designing. So to fulfill this purpose you can buy a pashmina shawl to remain warm and stylish girl. These can be equally used by aged as well as young girls. The real one pashmina shawl is you can find at high prices such as the price range is 2000 to 20000 rupees.

Tip:Normally Experienced ladies know and can judge by touch the fabric in hand whether is it pashmina or not.You can judge the fabric purity by checking how much the stuff is SOFT, WARM , THIN. These three points should remember when you go to buy.Always go to famous shopes as they can not sell wrong stuff. If you are in lahore Pakistan then the best places are Liberty market , Anarkali and Defence market.

If you want to stay warm in winter without wearing pashmina shawl then you can dress up with pashmina shalwar kameez set as Saleem fabrics is selling that kind of stuff. And the price range is 16000.

Posted by Admin on Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:17 pm (Read More... | 2 comments | Fashion Tips | Score: 5)
Latest Henna Designs for hand : Specially for Eid November 2010

Henna is a form of temporary skin decoration that is very popular in Pakistan. henna decorations became fashionable in the West in the late 1990s, where they are sometimes called henna tattoos. Henna is typically applied during special occasions like weddings and festivals Specially on Eid.Without bangles and mehendi eid is incomplete for girls. Henna was originally used as a form of decoration mainly for brides.

Normally aged ladies avoid to have mehendi on thier hands but on Eid occassion their daughthers do not listen them and put henna art on thier hands.

Before some decades,The fashion of henna art was different but now many styles of henna art such as Arabic mehendi , Indian mehendi ,Black mehendi , Red mehendi , Flower Art , Pattern art and simple round mehendi on palm.
Simple Round mehendi on palm is the oldest fashion but this one has given an elegance look.

Normally on brides hand,The trend was of thick flower art henna but now some girls want the rounded henna.

Eid Henna Tattoos

Posted by Admin on Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:09 pm (Read More... | 1 comment | Fashion Tips | Score: 4)

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